Wampach's Restaurant in 1959

Wampach's Restaurant is located in the downtown area, the old part of Shakopee. Wampach's was opened in the late 1950s by Jerry Wampach. Shakopee has seen many changes since that time but not so much changes here at Wampach's. Quite often we hear things likeā€¦

- "my mom & dad used to bring me here as a kid"
- "our first date was at Wampachs"
- "we always stopped at Wampachs on our way to Minneapolis from southern Minnesota"
- "do you still have those delicious onion rings?" (yes we do)

After Jerry Wampach's sale of the restaurant in the 70's, the next three owners have tried to keep Wampach's a small town diner, in what is no longer a small town. We still make our own soups, gravies, daily specials, and desserts. The menu is very similar to the first ones. No one really wants a braunschweiger sandwich anymore but for some unknown reason they do still want liver.

The restaurant business is a challenging business and I would like to thank our customers and friends for supporting us, Wampach's wonderful crew that works so hard, my family (not all related!) that always has my back. Each passing year leaves us with valuable lessons learned, and we, here at Wampachs, keep trying to do our best.

Thanks for checking us out!